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Our team of industry experts design and deliver specialised trainings in Procurement and Marketing.

All of our trainings are delivered to the public, at specific dates depending on demand, or in-house.

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Procurement & Strategic Sourcing


Course Code: Title

  • TPS01: Marketing & Procurement: Getting you more from your budget

  • TPS02: Strategic Sourcing of Advertising Agencies (Workshop)

  • TPS03: Strategic Sourcing of PR Agencies (Workshop)

  • TPS04: Strategic Sourcing of Images (Workshop)

  • TPS05: The Purchase of Innovation & Patent Negotiation

  • TPS06: Purchasing Masterclass for SMEs - How to optimise spend with low volumes


  • TPG01: Setting up a Procurement Organisation / Team

  • TPG02: Design and Run a Health Check Assessment of your Procurement Department (Workshop)

  • TPG03: Use of Excel in Purchasing (Workshop)

  • TPG04: How to write an Industry Analysis (Workshop)

  • TPG05: Developing a Sourcing Strategy

  • TPG06: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Buyers

  • TPG07: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

  • TPG08: Design of Procurement Policies & Guidelines

  • TPG09: Introduction to Business Continuity Planning for Buyers

  • TPG10: Key Performace Indicators (KPIs) and Scorecards in Procurement

  • TPG11: Spend Analysis & Category Management

  • TPG12: Identify Value Creation Opportunities (Workshop)

  • TPG13: Negotiation Skills for Buyers and B2B Sales Teams

  • TPG14: Finance for Purchasing (Workshop)


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