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Geni Cabre


As International Senior Sourcing Manager and Trainer, Geni has gained extensive experience in Europe and the Middle East, managing cross-regional teams in her 15 years of purchasing practice. Over 11, she has widened her skills and knowledge across several industries, while working in a global blue chip FMCG company with a wide product portfolio.


The exposure to different requirements has allowed her to work with all extremes of sourcing solutions that would always result in true Win:Win situations, especially in spends usually not covered by the typical Procurement team, such as Marketing, PR and Innovation.


Originally from Barcelona but raised in the UAE and educated in top British and French business schools, she speaks 4 languages fluently and has a basic knowledge of Arabic. She is highly regarded as an innovative and resourceful enabler, strong analytical thinker, excellent communicator and valuable team leader by stakeholders, suppliers, peers and reportees. With an energetic and motivational personality, she inspires a proactive environment in her courses and with her mentees.


​Geni currently leads all our Procurement / Strategic Sourcing trainings.


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