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We work hand-in-hand with your teams, for the implementation of their learnings with us to their day-to-day work

Are you interested in our Coaching services?

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1:1 and Team Support

The average person forgets 80% of learnings received within 3 days after a training. So how do you ensure that training investment is not wasted?


Straudico is not just here to deliver trainings. We want to ensure that your teams are appropriately applying the aquired knowledge to their real cases


Our interest is to empower your managers so, at the end of all of our trainings, we always provide a 1-hour free 1:1 coaching session* with every delegate, to allow them to ask any question on our training material that would required a customised and confidential answer or advice for their specific work area.


Should your managers require extra coaching sessions, we apply the following rates:













*The free session is available by phone, video call or e-mail.

1:1 Coaching

On-site or Face-to-face

1 hour                                 500 AED

8 hours (valid 1 month)       3,500 AED

Virtual (Phone, Email, Video)

1 hour                                 365 AED

8 hours (valid 1 month)       3,500 AED

Team Coaching

Discounted pricing for teams is available. Please contact us for a quote.

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